June 23, 2024

Eldorado by Stephan Eicher

Stephan Eicher is a well-mannered and distinguished man. That's what we said after spending a moment with him. We are far from the image of the nomadic and elusive artist he has been walking for years. We met the Swiss singer in a Parisian hotel. He tells us about his new albumEldorado.

If it seems, this time, to have put down his suitcases, the temptation of the trip is never very far. For this opus, he concedes having made a flight to America where he had not returned for ten years. "I was looking for the Eldorado, I saw it and came back: it was smaller than I imagined and quite disappointing, I have no desire to go back there." A disappointment that still gave birth to eleven songs.

Eleven precious and tranquil nuggets on which he sings in a softened voice. The lyrics unfold on folk, electro-pop or jazzy tunes. There are even Mexican trumpets. So, he explains, "it's a kind of America invaded by pretty things."

Texts by Raphaël and Mickaël Furlon 

Copyright Jean-Baptiste Mondino
"The real starting point of this record is the infantile pleasure of sitting in a corner to play notes and create a melody, and then the joy of knowing that outside, there are musicians and writers who want to participate in this From time to time, you have to remember all that. " Among the lucky participants, we find the faithful Philippe Djian. The writer-lyricist composed his first music with Not displeased.

There is also Raphael, author and composer of the title Appointment. "I like this boy, he is well educated, he is educated (laughs) and he is a good musician, we met each other and we listened to our songs. may be present on his next record. " Mickaël Furlon Mickey 3D is also part of (Sunday in December). "One day I received an email coldly with an mp3 song called" Song for Eicher. "I loved the lyrics, and I know these artists have been listening to my music as I grow up. "

A record that does not interfere

We find him almost worried to discover this album. In any case, driven by the desire not to disappoint. "My dream was to make a record that does not interfere.I wanted that when people listen to it, they say to themselves That's Eicher that? How old is it now? Not bad...". He suddenly evokes his age, it seems important. Coquetry? Anxiety? "The guys who make careers a bit long, between 40 and 50 years old, are all a bit weird and boring, I would not want to fall into that trap."

Little risk because the artist knows how to renew himself. This album explores other routes than the previous one, Taxi Europa. "It's normal between two albums, it's easy for three years so we search, we evolve, we learn ... We must also give the public the chance to hate something or to love it." to have an opinion. "

We talk about time passing and we go back the thread of his career. "The things that score the best are the best? It is not safe ... That said I prefer that people remember at least one or two songs that nothing at all (laughs).

Reyn vs Stephan Eicher & Toby Dammit - Eldorado (June 2024)