June 23, 2024

Emma Stone and her totally amazing twisted bun

Emma Stone is the actress who goes to Hollywood. Last year, she was everywhere: in the moving "The color of feelings", in the funniest "Sex with friends" and in the crazy "Crazy, Stupid Love". But it is 2012 that will really be his year, the beautiful being indeed on the bill of The Amazing Spiderman, the highly anticipated remake of the adventures of the spider man. In the film, she plays the girlfriend of the superhero, succeeding Kirsten Dunst who had played the role in the previous trilogy.

It was for the promotion of the film that she went to Japan, where she attended the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman in Tokyo withAndrew Garfieldwho plays the role of Spiderman and who is today his boyfriend in real life. For the occasion, the beautiful had released the great game. hairstyle, Emma Stone had opted for a very chic twisted bun adorned with a jewel of hair that perfectly highlighted its beautiful face. While she had to make a red color for the film, she also found her natural hair color, a more classic blonde. On the make-up side, we applaud the choice of the purple eye shadow that nicely highlights its green eyes. The most prominent beginner of the moment already has everything of great.

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