December 11, 2023

Empty your bag, the fashion show!

Baby Buddha hosts the photographic exhibition "Vide Ton Bag"Pierre Klein, a preview of February 5 to April 5, 2010. The artist offers signed and numbered editions of his photos formats 50x60 and 60x70.

Bag XXL for the weekend, pocket for the evening, in his bageach woman carries a slice of life. Makeup, cellphone, wallet but also a lot of memories

The concept store, which offers a selection of jewelry and fashion accessories, presents
today different pictures of the future exhibition of Pierre Klein "Vide Ton Bag", who will be
visible in its entirety at the Val d'Oise Biennale next spring.
It's an artistic approach associated with a sociological approach that immerses Pierre
in the bag girls. His work reflects his intention to understand women
today by giving voice to the content of their bag often hidden and protected. Because
finally the bag in hand is none other than a reflection of the feminine interiority of each.
It is therefore natural that Karine had a crush on these works whose
approach corresponds to the universe of Baby Buddha.

Baby Buddha Shop - 68, rue des Saints-Pères - Paris 7th

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