August 12, 2020

Encounter: Five Ballistic Profiles to Avoid on the Web

The true-false single : He says he's free like air, explains that his divorce is a story settled for years but reveals itself oddly unreachable every Saturday and Sunday that God does. Messaging close, portable off: your correspondent is (very) absent subscribers. Other weird detail: the many photos, on his account, where he sports a funny mark of tanning on the left ring finger. Look no further: your guy is not more single that you supermodel at Victoria's Secrets. And he wants to taste the charms of a new and exotic relationship during the week but actually returns every weekend to curl up in the safe arms of his "legitimate".

The madman of sex : Whether you're a girl or a boy, you have the right if it sings us to look on the Net a simple coup de soir, only to do good. Nothing reprehensible in there .... But there is a race of males lurking on the Web, which has only been doing this for years. On the lookout on the dating sites of any favorable occasion, the sex addict consumes faster than his shadow (needless to say, it is not with him that you will discover or rediscover the charm of preliminaries cleverly conducted) . And you will fall like an old sock once his desire satisfied. Because his prey lose all interest in his eyes once he has captured them.

The chronic depressive: At first, you can let yourself be touched by his frankness, his moving fragility that contrasts with the behavior of the hard macho, that nothing ever reaches. But are you going to put up with the daily flooding of details about his unhappy childhood, his tyrannical leader who has been harassing him for months and his ex who left with his best friend and broke his heart? By constantly listening to his stories, you may be contaminated by the gloom. Unless you sleep at home as a nurse ...

The obsessed with perfection: You have spotted a potential target on a dating site? Although he may be a high-level sportsman, cultivated and endowed with lagoon-colored eyes, he will still have to be wary before meeting him if you submit to an interrogation worthy of a job interview at the FBI: you have it where exactly, your management degree? What is your precise waistline? And when you say vegetarian, does that mean you do not eat any animal protein or not? This man, who is a psychopath of the detail, seeks through you a double of himself to be able to admire himself ...

The scammer: More seriously, some men are there on dating sites to carry out juicy repeated scams. So be vigilant if your virtual flirt presents a professional-quality photo (he has surely "borrowed" it from a celebrity) delivers you a teardrop story about his life (he raises a child alone after the death of his missing wife in a plane crash or tragically blown away by a blistering cancer) and comes quickly to ask for a financial hand. This is called in Internet language a "scammer" or "grazer", a "profession" that some people practice full time.

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