April 10, 2021

Encourage my child to read: I DO / I AVOID

I DO !


- Tell him a story before falling asleep!He will be happy to share this moment of intimacy with you. Make a ritual, it will encourage your child to go to bed faster and reading will become a real pleasure.


- Transmit your passion for books! Your child will be more receptive if you trace stories that touched you. Choose from books who marked your childhood. You will see that he will be more attentive. Give him the example too,  if the child sees his parents passionate about bookshe will naturally want to imitate them?


- Read aloud with your child. You start talking aloud with the child and then let him continue on his own. Even if your child can not read, bring him to tell what he sees: He will play his imagination and you will see that it will allow you to learn more about him (his fears, his pleasures, his doubts ...).


- Bet on a recurring character! Tchoupi, Yes Yes, Dora, Little Brown Bear Children are attached to characters and like to know their new adventures. Your child may be calling you back book every night, be patient with him, he will be so proud to tell you the story that he mastered so well?


-Take it to the library! Children love libraries, they will be happy to poke around, to sit in a corner for a few minutes to read. This is a good way to expand the choice of books without seruining and discovering foreign works.


-Explain him that thanks to the books, he will grow! Tell them while reading, they will learn new words, new stories that will make them grow faster? Children are very sensitive to this argument!




- Do not make reading a chore! Whatever your age, reading must remain a freedom. If your child does not understand the story in detail, or if he or she does not understand all the vocabulary, do not bother with questions. Wait until it shows up.


- Do not judge him! It is useless to tell him that other children read more than him. He will risk being humiliated, he will ask himself questions about him and reading will become a source of misery.


-Do not change the story! Even if the text seems difficult, do not transform it! As the psychologist Françoise Dolto said, "children are sensitive to the intonations of the voice announcing laughter, anger or fear? ?


- Do not impose a style of book ! Very often, the teenager disarms his parents by his reading choices. Intrigue can take place in fantastic, morbid universes. Everything is good if you like it to your child. On the contrary, try to find out more about these books to talk to your child


- Do not let your child know that reading will make him good in spelling. This is because he will find pleasure in reading, what he wants when he wants, that he will invest in purely academic reading.

How To Encourage My Child To Read (April 2021)