October 5, 2022

English, American or rather diet ': 3 ideas of brunches to test on Sunday

Brunch is gaining popularity. Halfway between breakfast and lunch, the brunch, contraction of the word "breakfast" and "lunch" in English, comes straight from the United States. Arrived in France in the 1980s, he has since conquered the hearts of the French, who appreciate it more and more. Some go so far as to honor it every Sunday, in their sofa, their bed or outside, in restaurants, cafes or hotels. The establishments, aware of the general craze around the brunch, are indeed many to propose a special formula, on Sunday, at the end of the morning. For the delight of gourmands. To ride this wave, GirlsFromMainStreet.com now offers three different brunch themes, to treat you, after a good sleep, and tackle your Sunday on the run.

1. An American brunch
The American brunch is suitable for gourmands, and big appetites. It usually consists of bagels, grilled bacon, pancakes (copiously sprinkled with maple syrup), cupcakes, muffins, cheesecake or even peanut butter. Another must for this meal in the USA: Eggs Benedict, poached eggs to ask on English muffins. The whole can also be accompanied by ham, bacon or smoked salmon. To play it New York to the plate!


2. An English brunch
English brunch is also composed of salty and sweet recipes. For example, you can include scrambled eggs or eggs at dish, pair with pancakes, toast or muffins. Add bacon, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes for a 100% British brunch.


3. A dietary brown
The most reluctant always fear to take pounds after a gourmet brunch. We understand them. Pancakes, muffins and other sweet delights remain, sometimes, on our hips. And we quickly regret our Sunday excesses. No worries: it is possible to adapt your brunch dietary version. Grilled bacon is replaced with white ham, muffins and pancakes with wholemeal bread. You add zero percent yoghurt, fruit salad, quinoa, but also whole grains like muesli.

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