May 28, 2024

Erotic films: do we look alone or in pairs?

Option 1: watch the movie with him

Rest assured, you are not the first to whom this happens! Take the bull by the horns and surprise your man. Until then, the subject "erotic film" had never been discussed. Certainly, you had noticed that during scenes a little hot movies, sir began to wriggle on the couch, to have the hand wandering and accentuating kisses in the neck breathing more and more strongly. Grrrrrr! But you never thought of swapping your Sunday night romantic comedy for a film like "first Saturday of the month on encrypted channel."


It's time to innovate, get started! Here is the scenario: Saturday night, you share lovingly a little drink, huddled on the couch ... like every weekend. Suddenly, you get up, you steer with a decided step towards the TV cabinet and open the third drawer. At that moment, your jules is written "no, not that one. I'm putting away my vacation videos! ". You turn to him, the soft hair and the naughty eye and answer him while choosing a film at random: "Well, let's travel together! If after that, he does not pound on your DVD, failing to get a finger in the reader, it is long to relax. That's it you've done brilliantly the first step!


Continue your momentum. Once the play button is pushed, forget that you are looking at other people who make love and take you to the game because after all this is just that. Very quickly, because like all women you are jealous and persevering, you will want to do better than the catwoman of the small screen. You will soon find that it is not her and her great bodybuilder all oily movie heroes, but you! So ... Happy?

Option 2: Leave it alone!

It is also very likely that your man needs his secret garden and his fantasies. Maybe he will prefer to watch these movies alone. Do not be upset, especially not! Do you say that it has nothing to do with you, it can simply be a question of modesty and shyness.


Embarrassed to know that you are aware, he does not prefer to go further. Surely he loves you, you desire and he does not want to go to another place, but he also needs his moments and visualization of his erotic films is one of them. Who knows ? Maybe he wants to surprise you during your next part of leg in the air and it is in his naughty video library that he will draw all these ideas. Thanks to the naughty Ch'tites and all their friends!


So, counsel, play the accomplice, show him that you know, that you understand and that you accept him. You will ask fewer questions and your sweetheart will quickly want to join you under the duvet to share his knowledge! And then, see the positive side, the next time he will send you to the video club, you'll know what to bring back to him pleasure !

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