June 23, 2024

Erotic massages: an invitation to pleasure

The atmosphere, first. So that the exchange is really sensual and your companion surrenders to the touch of your hands, you must put the forms. Soft lights, lighted candles, disconnected phones, total silence or Zen music. The calm must reign for your half to be transported.
The general atmosphere should be conducive to relaxation and eroticism. If you talk to him during the massage, do it in a velvet voice, keep your jokes or derogatory reflections for later. Make sure, too, to disconnect from reality. Your actions will not be mechanical, you will really listen to his body and overflowing with sensuality.

Your outfit, then. It is optional, but nothing prevents you to welcome him in a blouse, in a dress, or even completely naked. There is nothing wrong with making him fantasize: the massage will only be more effective! Loose hair, lioness style of the savannah or dressed bun, sexy secretary style, it's up to you!
Remove your rings and bracelets so that only your two skins come into contact. Small detail that is important: before caressing, kneading or kneading, check that your nails are not too long. A scratch could cool it. Unless, of course, he does not hide SM addictions ...

Finally, do not hesitate to equip yourself. Get some oils or milks massage for softer and more fluid caresses. Your hands will slide on her body, you will avoid pulling her skin and hurting her. The scents of these products are intoxicating and will make this massage an exotic journey at the heart of your senses. Some perfumes even have aphrodisiac effects. Yum...

How to Turn Her On with Sensual Massage (June 2024)