June 9, 2023

Erotomania: what is it?

Erotomania, still called disease Clérambault, is a psychosis based on the belief that one is loved by a person. It's a disease very serious mental illness that mainly affects women and very rarely men.

The disease is manifested by a passionate state that takes place in three phases:
during the first phase hope long enough in time, the patient waits for the loved one to declare. He is going to enter into a kind of paranoid delirium which can worry his entourage; the second phase is a period of amorous spite, during which the patient becomes depressed, aggressive and can sometimes be suicidal; the third phase said of spite, aggression turns against the loved one and can even lead in very rare cases to murder.

The target of the erotomaniac is usually a person whose social status is high: an actor, artist, lawyer, writer, politician ... In the beginning, the patient is first of all convinced that his "target" secretly loves him in a shameful way that she prevents herself from declaring her love and does everything possible to hide it. The patient, certain that his "target" wants to get in touch with him will seek to approach him: phone calls, letters, intrusion at home ...

Erotomania can sometimes last for years and sometimes a lifetime. The patient misinterprets certain facts and does not recognize the seriousness of his state of health: he is convinced of being in the right. The causes of this disease are unknown, it can come from an emotional lack (father or mother) during childhood.

The disease is very long and very difficult to treat. Only psychiatric treatment followed can overcome it, in the form of regular consultations or temporary internment.
Our advice:
Erotomania should not be confused with other lighter obsessive pathologies such as nymphomania. Review the magnificent interpretation of Isabelle Carré pursuing Gilbert Melki in Anna M. and you will know everything about erotomania!

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