April 20, 2024

Essential utensils for cooking

Knife block (Wüsthof)
Every knife its use: for onions and herbs, for vegetables, for meats, poultry, fish ... And if one or two will be enough to start, you will need more quickly. The ideal would even be knife of Japanese chef. Without forgetting the rifle to sharpen them.
Bloc Cordon Bleu 9 utensils, Wüsthof, 434?

Cutting board
Of course, you can always slice your vegetables on a chipped plate, crossing your fingers so that it does not burst into a thousand pieces. You can also opt for a cutting board. Our material suggestion: bamboo, which marks less.
Totally Bamboo board, from 11?

The steward
Not essential, do you say? Make the experiment, and you will quickly realize the time that you gain this little tool, compared to a knife traditional. The one we have selected not only has an original shape, for a better grip, but also has the advantage of being blue sky ... you will not risk losing it among your peelings.
Econome Charm, Ikea, 1?

In one end the water of the vegetables, in the other the sauce thickens, while in a third, you make the meat jump ... to have several pans, of several sizes, it is far from useless. Mauviel offers a lot, all copper, whose diameters range from 12 to 20 centimeters.
Lot of 5 pans, Mauviel, 319,59?

Whether for a sauce, vegetables, mushrooms or tuna, you will inevitably one day lazy to hitch you to the kitchen. Then, in a few seconds you will open a box, which, starving, you will enjoy!
Chef'N can opener, Mathon, 22.90?

That will help you to compose, arrange, reserve and serve your dishes in sauce: this batch includes a ladle, a skimmer, a meat fork, a spoon stew and another in sauce, all in brass, always at hand on his rod.
Mauviel wardrobe, 5 utensils, 129? TTC 

Pressure cooker
Not only does a pressure cooker require less fat, but it also allows for more uniform and faster cooking. And as it attaches less, your dishes will be washed more quickly. In the end, you will not miss any reason to love it, your pressure cooker.
"L'Authentique" pressure cooker, 6 liters, Seb, 69.99?

For your stewed vegetables, ratatouille, fricassee, tians, paellas, veal blanquettes, navarini lamb, pork colombos, the pan, halfway between the casserole and the pan, is essential. Buy the lid with, preferably, to avoid splashing and to conserve steam.
Sauteuse and lid Range sun, 28 cm in diameter, Mathon, 18,90?

To make your vegetables come back or grab your steaks, with or without grease, the ideal is a pan. We chose the one just released Tefal, cute with its small flowers, and very convenient with its Thermospot, which indicates that it has perfect temperature.
Set of 2 stoves, 20 and 26 cm in diameter, Tefal, 11.99?

Baking dish
Porcelain is scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant, and easy to wash ... perfect for long baking.
Dish 25 x 17 cm, Revol, 27.90?

Fit a cream with a fork, nothing better to catch tendinitis! Admit whipping is easier. The son of this one are not only covered with silicone (to avoid scratches) but have in addition a flat shape, not to lose a taste of your preparation.
Spatula whip, Cuisipro, 25.40 cm long, 14?

In a few years, while draining your pasta or Brussels sprouts, you will look at your indestructible strainer (just a little dented) thinking of the countless services it has rendered you. Perhaps you will even have a thought for us, who have advised you (and if not, we will not hold you to it).
Stainless steel strainer, Mathon, 22 cm diameter, 27.90?

Salad spinner
You prefer how your salad: still dripping or crumbled? If none of these two proposals tempts you, pay the cost of a wringer.Faster and less tiring, prefer it to press button.
Vit'Essore, Oxo, 18.5 cm in diameter, 29.50?

Vegetable grater
In thin or thick slices, julienne, matches, french fries or embossed, your vegetables will enjoy being presented on their 31. With this device, your soups and plates of raw vegetables will be perfect.
Tranch'Râpe Magic, de Buyer, with 3 accessories and 1 pusher, 19,90?

Efficiency proven by generations of cookers: the measuring jug, cousin of the measuring cup, allows you to measure both the volume (for liquids) and the weight (for sugar, flour, etc.) that of Tupperware goes into more in the microwave.
Pitcher Microplus 1 liter, Tupperware, 17.99?

Spoon ice cream
Of course, you can empty your ice bins with a spoon but his cousin the spoon ice cream will give you very spherical balls. That of Cuisipro has an ergonomics in length which scrapes the funds better.
Spoon Cuisipro ice cream maker, 19 cm long, 14.70?

Isothermal gloves (or potholders)
By using it, you may not realize the number of burns they are saving you. On the other hand, if you decide to do without these gloves, you risk later biting your fingers ...
Potholders Mastrad, blue or white, 8?

Wooden cutlery
The beech resists microbes, burns, but, above all, does not alter tastes! The spoons wood are therefore essential for sauces that need to be stirred regularly, but also for service.
Smart wooden cutlery, Legnoart, 12? Mon

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