May 28, 2024

Euro 2012: a 100% Portuguese menu for the match Denmark VS Portugal

Cod donuts: Cod is a fish cooked in many Portuguese dishes. As a main course or as an appetizer, the cod donuts are delicious. Tonight, we opt for the version aperitifvery little balls are made with the donut dough before frying. Then serve your cod donuts with toothpicks stitched in. It's great to nibble in front of the TV.

Of the soup "Caldo verde": we calm the game after snacking our cod donuts and we opt for a soup entrance. The caldo verde is a Portuguese specialty very popular in general. It's about a soup greedy cabbage, nothing to do with the one we know for the famous diet of the soup with cabbages. The cabbage is cut into julienne in the broth, it also adds potatoes, onion, garlic and a little chorizo. This soup is traditionally accompanied by a few slices of corn bread. The caldo verde will seduce all your guests.

The Portuguese are major consumers of meatthey are therefore honored by choosing a "bitoque" as their main course. It is a widespread dish that is not exceptional, but that is all the rage in Portugal. You will find in your plate a large portion of meat (pork, beef or lamb), which is served with rice and fries. Yes, you read correctly, two types of starch will adorn your plate. In terms of crudités, it is usually served next to this plate a small salad made of raw tomatoes and onions.

Pastéis de nata: it is a dessert typically Portuguese, some bakeries are specialized in the preparation of this dessert greedy. This is a kind of pastry custard served warm with a little cinnamon and icing sugar.

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