June 9, 2023

Eva Longoria, all dressed in white in the streets of Los Angeles

In "Desperate Housewives" already, she was the most stylish of all. It is therefore not surprising that even in the city Eva Longoria does not seem to let go of his fashion sense. Last weekend, the actress was seen in Los Angeles, in the Beverly Hills neighborhood as she went to the Ken Paves hair salon, in anticipation of her birthday party. Hard to believe, but Friday, March 15, 2013, the beautiful celebrated her 38 years! Still, the young woman was displaying a look impeccable in his jeans skinny white, perfect when she has pretty narrow hips. To match this virgin white, Eva Longoria had opted for an oversized openwork sweater, in shades of pinkish beige. White tends to pack the silhouette when the actress is relatively small. But Eva Longoria knows it and to counter this, she had decided for a pair of sandals platform and heel high, even dizzying, always in a beige color. A look both chic and casual that goes very well with the caramel skin of the actress.

Side accessories, sobriety and natural tones of rigor. Eva Longoria He wore a camel-colored leather tote and a pair of pilot-style sunglasses. As for the rest, the actress was wearing a high bun and knotted that allowed to give even more height to its flawless silhouette.

Eva Longoria was celebrating his 38th birthday last weekend. On occasion, the actress spent the day of March 15 with her mom, Ella. The two women had lunch together before having a good time in a beauty salon. Professional level, since the end of the series "Desperate Housewives", the actress is absent from the small screen, but is not for all that inactive. She co-produced the program "Ready for Love", broadcast on NBC from March 31st. She will also star in the movie "Frontera" which she currently stars alongside Ed Harris.

Eva Longoria In See Through Dress Leaving MUCH To Imagination (June 2023)