June 5, 2020

Eva Longoria sexy in peplum shorts and Claudine collar

Our Desperate House Wife favorite was invited yesterday on the set of the American show Extra, whose presenter is none other than Mario Lopez, his ex. Despite their former couple status, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez, have remained very good friends. The brunette is definitely a model girlfriend, having spent hours supporting her friend Serena Williams at the US Open, has naturally agreed that she agrees to intervene in the broadcast of his ex. Eva Longoria made a splash when she arrived, she unveiled her tapered legs and her tanned complexion to remind us how sexy she can be.

Decrypting his look: Eva Longoria knows its assets and knows how to highlight them. In spite of her small size, the actress knows that perched on stilettos of 12 her legs do not go unnoticed. She therefore opts for a pair of patent pumps that stretch her silhouette. A mini shorts black overhung with a peplum seam allows to unveil and enhance the whole. Basques have become essential since this summer, they come back in strength in our winter dressing. We used to see them on tube dresses, we'll have to get used to seeing them on shorts or pants. Eva Longoria so is at the heart of the trends with this mini shorts. The latter being very sexy, she decided to calm the game by wearing a top collar Claudine. This type of cut is very wise and gives a girly side. Her look is a real compromise, between sexy and girly, Eva Longoria found the right dosage in black and white outfit.

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