January 24, 2021

Evening makeup, be star!

In the evening, to go out with friends, go dancing or go to a party, you can "shine" and allow you some fantasies ... discover the evening makeup for an irresistible look with sequins and rhinestones!
Evening makeup makes you velvety skin. On a cleansed skin, apply a moisturizing base that you will cover with a fluid foundation and powder to unify the complexion. Stain small redness or dark circles with a concealer or concealer.
Brighten up your complexion with a brushed-up brightener, then finish blurring a pearly blush on your cheekbones.

Evening makeup sublimates your eyes! To intensify your look, prefer dark, glittery or golden-glow dark brown, black, bronze or dark-gray, and use coordinates for a degraded effect. For a languid eye, follow the contour of the eyelashes with a kohl pencil. Then apply your darkest eyeshadow in the hollow of the eyelid and under the eyelid flush eyelashes, then the lightest under the eyebrow. Finish by brushing your lashes several times with a volumizing mascara.

The mouth, your seduction asset ... Evening makeup favors bold colors, for a more sensual mouth. Trace the outline of your lips with a pencil the color of your lipstick or darker. Then apply a bright lipstick to the brush, then lightly powder, squeeze a tissue between your lips before applying lipstick. It will hold so longer. For more shine, finish with a touch of gloss.

Our advice
For evening makeup, do not hesitate to shine by animating your eyelids and the top of your cheekbones with micro-glitter that will catch the light. You can also use rhinestones, or skin jewelry to add a touch of glamor, without turning into a Christmas tree ...