September 25, 2021

Excluded beauty: Clémence Castel from Koh Lanta reveals his secrets

Your first beauty reflex to jump from bed?
Drink a big glass of water. I feel hydrated from the inside, then I follow through my day cream!

Do you often look in the mirror?
Of course, but quickly! Especially in the morning. I do not focus on my image at all, I do not have ice in my bag, now it happens all the same in the day to check if there is no disaster!

The best beauty advice you have been given?
It's a "family council". I want it from my mother who keeps it from her mother! It's about the hands. She always told me that I often had to dip my hands in lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice. I can tell you there is nothing like having pretty nails!

What do you prefer at home?
I like my natural side! I like my mouth too ...!

What do you like the least?
I would dream to have the finer days, to do less baby ... But hey it's not such a big complex!

What perfume do you wear?
I alternate between Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpège perfume, very sweet, very fruity and Thierry Mugler's Womanity perfume, stronger but he has a lot of character!

What are your favorite products for the face?
Fluid velvet cream almond and apple of the occitane, it is fabulous, light and it feels divinely good. I never miss the opportunity to hydrate my face with the Evian Sprayer. And twice a week, I make a scrub of my face with the exfoliating care of Occitane, nothing like to restore good looks!

And for the body?
The vanilla amber shea butter balm of the Sultane de Saba! It leaves the skin incredibly soft. It works miracles on my skin often too dry!
How do you take care of your hair?
I never dry hair dry hair...! I always let them dry in the open air and then I never made colors. Basically, I leave them alone! As for shampoos, I use a mild shampoo (I love the Fructis brand).

Side make up are you natural or sophisticated?
Totally natural!

What can be found in your makeup kit?
Dior's lengthening Mascara, Gemey's Dream Mat mousse foundation to hide my little imperfections and a clear gloss from Make up for ever. I do not like makeup when he sees too much, I prefer to play the card of sobriety!

What makeup do you use for big nights?
I use more eyeshadow. I love the gray on the eyelids, it brings out the color of my eyes .. If I have an important evening, I prefer to entrust my make up to professionals because I am not very talented!

In Koh Lanta, women can not take care of themselves, what has been the most difficult for you?
Not being able to epilate me was horrible! But hey, the cameramen were nice, they did not make big plans!

The beauty product you are addicted to right now?
Cream for dry hands from Nivea!

How do you keep the line?
I am a great sportswoman so it's easier for me to keep the line. I pay attention to what I eat ... My only sinned cute: Cheese!

Your worst "misstep" beauty?
The bright red lipstick, I have a rather fleshy mouth, it tends to vulgarize me! Anyway, I do not feel comfortable with flashy colors, it does not look like me!

The best compliment you've been given?
"You are more beautiful natural than makeup! It suits me well!

The women who best represent beauty for you?
Laetitia Casta, she does not fit the classic beauty stereotypes of the tall and lean mannequin. She is magnificent ! Otherwise I think that Sophie Marceau perfectly embodies the French beauty!

Your favorite beauty spots?
When I'm in Paris, I love doing my little shopping at Sephora. Otherwise, I'm a fan of the CALDEA Thermal Center in Andorra. It's a pure delight! (info on

Clémence Castel (Koh-Lanta): Tumeur hormonale, Histoire d'amour, Enfants, Le combat d'une héroïne ! (September 2021)