May 13, 2021

EXCLUDED Clara Morgane: "I'm in love!"

Not too tired by the promo of your new album Nuits Blanches?

If the days are endless! And I spend a lot of sleepless nights dancing in a box, mixing in the studio ... We've been waiting for this for two years, we talk about it and finally the album goes out so I will not complain!


What are your tips for keeping up after a sleepless night?

Find my lover, watch series together, I love discovering new series! And to stay fresh, I use products Nuxe and Caudalie: their regenerating mask, their day cream are great! But I mostly have hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists without whom I would be nothing!

What are your tips for feeling good?

I like to express myself, I write on my blog Women's Lives, and especially the girls the secret is to be in love! I'm in love with my darling, my job, my wardrobe ... I have the chance to do a job I love, to express myself through him, through my passions. We must try to go to the end when we believe in something.

You have a lot of passions! Song, writing, fashion ...

Yes all this is linked. I practice several trades but everything I touch is part of a universe. I write my blog and my songs, I co-realize my clips, I organize photo shoots ... To create a universe you have to know how to do several things! I do not know any artist who is only singer for example. once we touch it we are greedy we want more!

For me the important thing islove, the party, I live life to the fullest and I recommend it to all girls. But to get there, you have to work on it! You know, I do not live in a pink bubble, when we are busy at this point we forbid a part of happiness. I know that I do not take enough walks in the nature, my family, I made choices and I do not live some things in life. But when you think you are strong in something, you have to go for it!

Clara Morgane releases his album Nuits Blanches Monday, November 29 at Sony Music!


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