April 10, 2021

Excluded: Marine Vines "It's feeling beautiful that makes it beautiful!"

Your first beauty reflex to jump from bed?
Make a big hug to my girls ... the best way to attack the day on the right foot!

The best beauty advice you have been given?
These are the big sisters of my girlfriends. I was a teenager and I loved when they were getting ready I could have spent hours looking at them wearing makeup. One of them said to me one day: "to open your eyes and always have the well-lighted eye, brush your eyebrows! And never touch their line ... look like beautiful eyebrows at the Brooke Shields give character. " As a result, I'm fleeing the eyebrow bars and I've been brushing them every day for 25 years!

What relationship do you have with your mirror?
We get along pretty well him and me! I do not have many, 4 in all the apartment ... I find myself after my shower to verify that a no make-up will do ... or not! And the evening for make-up removal, a compulsory step even if I did not wear makeup of the day. That said, I become seriously miro and I am afraid to see me better than I am really !!! It does not matter, it feels beautiful, makes beautiful, it seems!

What do you prefer at home?
My eyes, my smile ...

What do you like the least?
My double-chin natural ... it's family, and I find it really unsightly! I would be able in the future to do a facelift of the lower face so that it does not get worse! And the tasks on the face, with age, my melanin is disorganized ... it's ugly!

What perfume do you wear?
I have always worn perfumes Annick Goutalmy mother and aunt have always been crazy, most often "Hadrian's water", but I change from time to time, "The water of Charlotte", "of Camille", "of the sky", "Folavril", "splendid Rose", and lately, "a stormy morning".

Your favorite products for the face?
I love Esthederm creams, the line "Lift system" is really top ... the cellular water and its mask, saving! I am also a fan of Carita, Kiehl's and REN products, organic, natural and effective (yes, yes, it exists!) I always put a serum: anti-spot-shine in the morning (that of REN) and tensor at night (the one of Esthederm or the "progressive anti-aging" of carita), an eye contour (dioti-cream of Liérac) and in day cream, the anti-tasking cream, vinoperfect of Caudalie, which has sunscreen. In the evening, I replace it with "1er cru" of Caudalie, or "Lift system" of Esthederm.

And for the body?
Just a very good moisturizer everyday, nothing else! I mix any well-moisturizing pharmacy cream (topicrem, dexeryl or at this time nutri-extra vichy) with "splendid oil" ofAnnick Goutal, it delicately perfumes the skin and the satin ... a magic product!

How do you take care of your hair?
Two shampoos a week, 1 skincare every 15 days ... preferably Kiehl's brand and I have a ton of serum, day cream for hair to "tame" my slightly wavy mane (but I hate when she " foam "), the top? serum david mallet DM027, the perfect curls cream "acanthe" of futerer and the cream "natural shine" of Leonor Greyl.

Your beauty product for this summer?
A sunscreen inevitably ... and it would be the "bronz repair" or "adaptasun" 3 suns of Esthederm, incredible products, which smell divinely good, a true taste of holidays! It's been 7 years since I'm totally addicted to it ... I can not use another solar range anymore. Moreover, I saw that Esthederm had just released a new range "UV in cellium technology" which stimulates the natural abilities of self-defense and adaptation of the skin to the sun ... I will spin myself buy for this summer!

Side make up are you natural or sophisticated?
Very natural, I hate to be made up! especially the dyed... it scrapes me ... the height for someone who works on TV, right?

What do you always have in your makeup bag?
A brown, perfect terracotta, a pink blush "Russian doll" from MAC, and a good goatshair brush that puts just the right amount of product and, most importantly, the Shu Uemura eyelash clip. , as well as an eyebrow-fixing gel (yes, yes, I'm a mono-maniac a little!).

And what makeup do you use for big nights?
A nude makeup with a very red mouth ....or just the smoky eyes or eyeliner stretched very 60's, but then the mouth stays natural.

How are you doing to keep the line?
Sport, sport, sport! I am greedy and good living, madam zero will about the restriction of food ... so I compensate by doing a lot of sport! As I do not have time to go to the gym, I found the ideal solution for me: a dvd coach at home, all alone, like a big one!
My new best friend: Tracy Anderson, the coach of Gwyneth Paltrow, I order his dvd on his site in the US, they arrive in 15 days ... and me, his dream body! Frankly, one of the best programs I have ever tried! but you must cling, and a certain willingness to put yourself alone in his living room.

Your worst faux pas beauty?
The one and only time of my life where I have shaved my eyebrows in circumflex, fine and angular accent ... the horror !!!! never again !

What beauty product are you addicting right now?
Cleaner micro-polishing REN face, 1 morning on 2 in the shower, it is a baby skin and incidentally its perfume with citrus fruits makes you want to eat!

What is the best compliment you've been given?
Obviously when people pretend not to believe that I'm 40 years old ... or that I have a girl of 14 1/2 ... it's always pleasant! But in fact, it's especially when my daughters tell me that I'm beautiful ... I'm transported!

The woman or women who best represents beauty for you?
There are so many ! But I'm an absolute woman of Kate Moss ... she's getting older, like everyone else, not necessarily good, like everyone else, but her temper is beyond her physique ... she releases something and will always clear it. .. I would like that to be my case too!

Your favorite beauty spots?
For the hair: "Vision'hair", a small salon, which is located at 51 rue Saint Honoré, in Paris, held by Joel, virtuoso scissors ... All my girlfriends go there now! Sophia takes care of the color and is very talented! But in this area, I have my thing in feathers: it's my studio hairdresser friend, Sebastien Quinet, a real artist, who still makes me the pleasure to take care of me when I make real transformations! He comes to my house, we take a drink, we redo the world ... and my head in passing! I love it !!!
For the care of the body and the face, two addresses: "Courcelles beauty" for the magic hands of Adelita and "The house of beauty Carita" rue saint honored, where one makes you a skin of baby!

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