June 23, 2024

Excluded. Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin, reveals her beauty secrets

Do you have a beauty ritual in the morning?
I do not have fresh water on my face, quite simply. I also apply a decongestant gel when I am tired.

What part of your body do you prefer in your home?
My eyes. I like their color (they are green Ed.) And the fact that they are almond. It's easy enough to bring them out with a pencil stroke.

Do you have a complex?
Yes. My legs. I think they are too muscular, not slender enough. When I am told that she is beautiful, I do not believe it.

What is your favorite hairstyle?
I like having hair tied. Sometimes I simply put them back in a ponytail or a shell bun. I can not stand that they fall on the front of the face.

Is your hair color natural?
Yes. When we are elected miss Francewe are advised not to change the hair color with which we were elected. That's how the public loves us. In the past, I have used darker streaks. Otherwise, I would see myself go to the coppery hues. The blond is not for me, however.

How long do you spend in the bathroom in the morning?
Before being miss FranceI spent 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom. I was more like getting up at the last minute so I could sleep as long as possible. I was just putting on a mascara and it was over. Since my election, I stay between 45 minutes and 1h. I discovered what the concept of "taking care of oneself" meant.

Your advice to keep the line?
I do not have so much because I would rather be the type to nibble between meals. Now, I pay more attention but when I spent my competitions (medical NDLR.) I spent my time doing it. I am very greedy natural. Today, I favor lean, sugar-free products.

Which woman embody, according to you, the best elegance?
I like the charm and simplicity of Natalie Portman. I find the model Nathalie Vodianova sublime, especially when you know that she is a mother. I also find Monica Bellucci and Nicole Kidman very beautiful.

What is your favorite perfume?
Euphoria of Calvin Klein. Natalia Vodianova is also the muse. It's been 3-4 years since I wear it and I rarely change it.

Would you like to be the face of a brand?
Yes, that would make me very happy. Dior, that would be the ultimate dream.


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