May 28, 2024

Excluded star beauty: Elodie Gossuin reveals her beauty secrets

Your first beauty reflex to jump from bed?

I have a ritual: a spraying of the Serozinc thermal spray of La Roche Posay, it vivifies the skin!

Do you often look in the mirror?

It depends. In any case, I assume to keep in mind, I'm not a few who is nuance, either I appreciate, or I hate!

What do you prefer at home?

My back, because I do not see it!

What do you like the least?

Before I may have told you my breastsbut since my pregnancy, I love my body as it is? I learned to unpack myself!

The best beauty advice that you have been given?

My mother has always given me the best advice. She taught me how to make up, to brush my eyebrows?

What perfume do you wear?

I've been very loyal to Thierry's scent Angel Thierry Mugler during my teenage years. Today I wear Chanel n ° 19. In another style, I also love Roger Gallet's fragrance Bois d? Oranger.

What are your favorite products for the face ?

Before my children, it was the big thing Now, I learn a lot about the composition of creams. I opted for natural, organic creams. I am a fan of the Effaclar range of La Roche Posay, ideal for imperfections. Each week I do the physiological Surfin scrub of Roche Posay, it is really good because it does not attack the skin! Otherwise I love the floral waters of Sanoflore and the Weleda product range.

How do you care for your hair?

I pay close attention to them because they suffer for filming. I always take care after my shampoos. I'm a fan of Nutrition force3 at Kerastase. Nothing better to give them strength !

Side make up are you natural or sophisticated?

Natural in everyday and sophisticated lobbies!

What do you always have in your makeup kit?

Elodie Gossuin : I still have the Respectissime Mascara of LaRoche Posay. For dark circles and imperfections: the Vichy Dermablend ultra corrector. Chanel Mademoiselle 05 coconut lipstick never leaves me! Finally, I still have a varnish of the Silicon range of Roche Posay (I love the poppy color and light pastel)

What makeup do you use for big nights?

Elodie Gossuin : I make myself charcoal! And I put some eye shadow. Respectissime Roche Posay brown color.

How do you keep the line? ?

Elodie Gossuin : I am hyperactive and it seems that it burns fat!

What products did you use during your pregnancy?

Elodie Gossuin : I have tried everything ! I loved Mustela's Anti Stretch Marks. I also took a lot of essential oils to relax!

Your "faux pas" beauty?

Elodie Gossuin : Recently I found old photos just after my election miss FranceI had made up my eyebrows, it was monstrous. If the self-tanner, impossible for me to apply it correctly, the result is always catastrophic!

What is the best compliment you have been made ?

Elodie Gossuin : "You're better at real life than at the phone, and I'm told it often! Otherwise my husband often tells me that he prefers me to the natural that too sophisticated, it seems that I did not scare him awake! 

The woman or women who best represents beauty for you?

Laetitia Casta, she is luscious, feminine, we feel that it is somebody good. I do not like cold and arrogant beauties ..

Your favorite beauty spots?

Elodie Gossuin : In Paris I loved the spa Anne Fontaine (my husband's gift during my pregnancy, it was a magic moment!) Otherwise the 5 worlds spas are tops..and recently I discovered in Mauritius lespa de la Plantation D? Albion, extraordinary!

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