August 6, 2020

Excluded star beauty: Julie Zenatti gives us her beauty secrets!

What beauty ritual are you addicted to?
Julie Zenatti: I really like going to hammam. Generally I go to the Sultana of Saba where I take advantage of the room hammam but especially of the sublime massage with hot water of jasmine and musk oil. A change of scenery bewitchment!
Speaking of scenery, do you do institutes when you travel?
Yes, and I love it! For example, there is massage Thai, very dynamic, which relaxes me and stretches all my muscles. When I'm in Spain, I do not do without Spa Therme in Seville, a real relaxation pose. I like anti-cellulite and draining spa treatments. And when I go to Morocco I fill up with argan oil that I use everywhere: on my hair, the body and on my plate! Generally everything I eat I like to put it on the body.
For example ?
There is the chocolate care of the Bernard Cassière Institute. And in addition the products are really edible! I use a lot of frangipane oil that I buy on the island of Reunion. And of course to ensure a change of scenery in all circumstances, I use the prodigious oil of Nuxe, who smells good holidays!
And what products do you use on your face generally?
I like the mist with the flower of Caudalie vines. And the Mustela's face cream. I'm not very complicated ...
And for the body?
I like scented products. There is of course the musk oil of Sultane de Saba and then also the products for the Annick Goutal's body. I use the The body Shop chocolate scrub and the shower gel with Petit Marseillais almond. I have a phobia of smells. And my favorite perfume is Stopover at Portofino de Dior.
What do you use on your hair ?
Of Leonor Greyl palm oil that I use in mask once every 15 days. I put several minutes in a hot and wet towel. I do not use a conditioner so as not to weigh down my hair, but I use and abuse the sweet champoings of Christophe Robin. My shampoo is based on sea water to preserve my locks blondes. I like to change colors, so I have to take care of my hair, whom I entrust to a particular hairdresser, Eric Maurice.
On the makeup side, are you as meticulous?
I do not wear makeup at all during the day to follow the advice of my mother who has beautiful skin. But for occasions, I like makeup alone. For the dyed, I use the Clarins minute glow, Guerlain's Terracota and Benefit's cheeky pink. For the eyes, I'm a fan of MAC fat smear that I use in single-color on the entire eyelid. Then I add creamy eyeliner and pencil. I love the smoky-eye and I do a lot with several layers of mascara. Generally for my eyes, my favorite colors are purple, plum or black. I have a whole palette of makeup with brushes of many sizes to make it perfect.
And on the lips, what are your favorite colors?
As the eyes are very busy, I work my lips rather nude. I can use the lipsticks rosewood from Lancôme and then a simple lip balm from Khiel's. I also like it Coral gloss of Nars. And if I have to let go, I adopt without hesitation the intense red from Dior.
What are you doing to maintain your beautiful figure?
By necessity for clips and concerts, I have to play sports. My thing is the pilates on carpet that I exercise twice a week to make me feel guilty about what I will eat afterwards and also to have a nice glute!
Do you have diets?
I have the deep conviction that when you eat without guilt, you tend to eat less. So I never miss a good dessert or coffee greedy. Sometimes it happens to me to exceed the limits so I limit myself to a diet of a day with the menu of apples and water. For digestion, I do not eat bread too. But other than that, I do not feel like paying much attention.

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