April 17, 2024

Exclusive poll on love in Europe

We can see more clearly how each European country looks at the love practices of its neighbors. And according to a study by the Observatory of Love Game led by Harris Interactive, France is not left on the subject!

French women are perceived as the most daring in the game of seduction, by 32% of Germans and 24% of Britons.
French women, on the other hand, feel that dating is easier in Italy (37%) and that sex is faster after the match (25%). On the other hand, the men of the Hexagon are only 25% and 19% to think it. The image of the beautiful Italian flirty is tough ...
Would not our men be a little boastful? Almost two thirds think that it is in France that couples have the most sex, while women are only one third to confirm it!

More than half of them are also convinced that it is in France that thelove holds the most space in life. But women are only 47% believe it. Are they more demanding? More realistic?
For most Europeans, it is Italy that stands out as the country of thelove. Make itlove there is more frequent and easier. But on these same themes, France comes in 2e place ... including for the speed of sexual intercourse after the meeting.
Finally, the French turn out to be a bit chauvinistic! In lovethey are generous with themselves since they are 48% to estimate that they make thelove most of the time. But they are still fairplay because they find the most attractive Italians and the best dressed for 49% of women and 34% of men. For 30% of the French, Spaniards are also the most friendly.

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