February 29, 2024

Expert coaching around the eye with an Estée Lauder pro

Why does the outline of the eye age in a specific way?
The skin of the eye contour is 40% thinner than that of the face, the third layer which constitutes it does not contain the fat cells present in the skin usually, it is therefore at this point deprived of lipids necessary for the maintenance of hydration .... This makes it particularly vulnerable to external aggression and dehydration. To realize it, it is enough to gently "pinch" the skin under the eye and on the cheek for example, simultaneously, to feel this the difference and therefore the need to use a different care for the contour of the eye !
In addition, we are eyeing close to 10,000 times a day, and more if we wear contact lenses and each of our expressions activates the muscles of the eye contour which solicits the elasticity of the skin well. more than any place.

What are the triggers of the ride?

The factors that trigger and aggravate wrinkles are: The natural gravity that attracts all the material down, the climatic aggressions, the dehydration, the too aggressive cleansers which malmènant the tissues. And age of course! Over time, we produce less collagen and skin hydration diminishes.


What are the aggravating factors?
Eye fatigue especially because of the computer, and fatigue in general, lack of sleep, jet lag and an unhealthy lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol ...). These factors increase dehydration, hinder the production of collagen and promote dark circles and puffiness, further accentuating aging.


Can we prevent wrinkles in advance?
Yes, we can protect ourselves from premature aging of the eye contour by using a specific care before even appearing the first signs of age. Eye contour care should be one of the priority purchases of a young woman who begins to take care of her "youth capital"!
In addition to a protective facial and an excellent makeup remover: do not wait to see the first wrinkles settle, prevention is particularly important, including using a sun care anti wrinkle during exhibitions, and wearing absolutely protective sunglasses.

How to use care?

It is usually used too large quantities of product, which may cause swelling because the very thin skin around the eye is a real blotter! Also be careful not to apply product too close to the eyelashes, ideally put the value of a grain of rice on the top of the bone of the cheekbone and "crow's feet".
For too much product and too close to the eye could migrate by capillary action, into the tear fluid and cause tearful irritation, as apply on the upper eyelid.

To do? Not to do ? Nathalie's tips:
- Avoid very perfumed treatments.
- Do not leave your car near a heat source
- Choose a product with at least one immediate effect (in addition of course long-term effects) such as brightness, comfort, smoothing. And above all, be regular and sweet in use!

3 things to know!
- Make up every evening with a mild makeup remover, apply on a damp cotton (to avoid fibers in the eyes) and put a few seconds in order to dissolve the makeup, then "pull" gently? He closed down. Renew with another cotton until the makeup disappears. Rinse gently with lukewarm water using a cotton pad so as not to leave a greasy film.
- Press / decompress: a few seconds of pressure at the inner corner of the eye, on the arch and the tip of the eyebrow, promotes the drainage of toxins and the diffusion of the assets, repeat this good action in the day, detoxifying effect guaranteed !
- preferably apply the treatment with fresh hands, just leave your fingers under cold water for a few seconds, and "strum" on the cheekbone back and forth from the nose to the temples.

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