May 29, 2023

Extend your tan after the summer, our advice!

After tweaking your Sun tanning, managed to caramelize without sunburn and without mark of glasses, it would be a pity to see flying away your colors of holidays as of the return! To help you look good and extend your Sun tanning, here are our care, makeup and lifestyle tips!

Good gestures
- A scrub to revive the Sun tanning
Far from making the tan disappear, a scrub, or "exfoliation", helps to revive Sun tanning: by removing the dead cell layer from the surface of the skin, the Sun tanning gets rid of a dull veil and appears cooler, brighter. Indeed, a number of skin cells are colored and are present in depth: removing the top layer, there are still many! It also helps cell renewal and pushes younger skin to the surface. Ideally, choose a scrub rich not to dry out the skin and on the contrary to nourish it: it also brings out the colors by making the skin softer and less rough. For example, Scrub Ultra Rich Shea Face of L'Occitane, (100ml, 20?) Or scrubs organic, usually vegetable-based oil, such as Scrub Sweet Mosqueta Bio (75ml, 19.80?), With organic rosehip oil, sesame and beeswax. For thick skin, the Scrub Booster burst Bourjois (75ml, 7.15?), Less rich but perfect for a new skin effect. Body side, the Scrub Body with Argan Fleurance Nature (150ml, 13,90?) Scrub Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Hands and Body (225g, 29.90?) In Apricot Oil, promise a very soft and supple skin.


- Creams "progressive tan" to maintain it
Do you know these products? These are moisturizing day creams with a very light self-tanning effect: low in active ingredients, the tan appears in a few days and continues. The effect is natural and this care can be used all year round to keep you looking good. But when they come back from vacation, they are perfect for bringing out the Sun tanning and take over when he begins to disappear. Among the least expensive, Nivea's Summer Beauty Moisturizing Treatment, (50ml, 8?) Enriched with Jojoba oil and vitamin E, or the Moisturizing Effect of Soleil Mixa (50ml, 4.85?) That is suitable for sensitive skin and contains illuminating particles or the Moisturizer Progressive Male Face - Bronz'express of the Scientific Academy of Beauty brand (75ml, 22,50?). Think also for the body with the sun care as in Decléor with the Progressive Hydrating System Body shake (250ml, 31,60?).

- In case of emergency, thespray tan !
Much more dosed in assets Self-tanners that moisturizing creams progressive tan, this one does not serve day care. It is used piecemeal, several times in a row to intensify the effect, but always with care. Although the brands have improved the formulations, it needs to be well distributed under pain of traces and demarcations! Do not forget to wash your hands, and to minimize risk, use smart and 2-in-1 formulas such as Smooth Minute Spray tan of Clarins (28,90?) which presents itself in a texture that erases dilated pores and fine lines for an immediate peach skin effect. Or even easy to take away, Vichy Capital Soleil Autobronzante wipes (1 unit) are very easy to handle and allow a "one shot" without investing in a larger product.

- Makeup to cheat
Side complexion, we go on the so-called powder "bronzer", powder of sun or sun. Whatever the name, the goal is the same: wrap the face with a veil of pigments to enhance the complexion. It applies to the large brush on the entire face: indeed, it is not supposed to replace the blush (which must be rather pink than brown to mimic the rose that goes up to the cheeks). To mimic the sun, you can accentuate the application where the sun most colors the skin: forehead time and cheekbones and stops the nose. Wait until your day cream is dry to avoid clumps of color.
On the lip side, opt for "syrup" glosses and bright pink or coral colors, like on nails such as the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss line and the Dior Gloss Polishes.On the eyes, it's time to enjoy one last time flashy colors, turquoise and green iridescent.