October 1, 2020

Extracurricular activities: what if we went out


More and more museums are accessible to children. If they do not understand everything, do not worry, it will at least have the advantage of developing their knowledge. Do not expect your child to give you a presentation on Impressionism by making an exhibition! On the other hand, you will realize that certain paintings will have questioned him more than others and that one day he will be proud to bring you his drawing saying that it looks like the painting of the "gentleman".

The cities of Sciences

Like the city of children, located in La Villette, Paris, other similar places offer our children multitudes of scientific discoveries: composition of the human body, games Shadows and light, circuit of water ... everything is explained with a lot of pedagogy and practical workshops that will delight young and old.

Finally, another type of activity: the walks

In autumn, go to the forest and take the time to collect leaves for the development of a herbarium; In the spring, head for fruit picking or educational farms where your child will learn all the art of milking cows.

Extracurricular Activities (October 2020)