December 10, 2023

Eye Contour: New Care

They act like a mask but in a targeted way. These patches, in impregnated fabrics or in concentrated gel, arise under the eyes, on the rings, the time that the skin absorbs their assets. Fresh on application, they have an immediate vasoconstrictor effect and therefore retain the outline of the eye, but they also activate microcirculation, drain and degrease while moisturizing intensely.

The marbles
These pens contain formulas anti wrinkle or anti puffiness and dark circles, but especially have a new generation rolling tip with sometimes several beads, to drain the underside of the eye by smoothing movements that de-tissue tissues. The ideal is the metal balls whose cool effect is also optimal to help stimulate trade and tone the area. Apply smoothing from the inside to the outside of the eye.

These treatments act thanks to a high-tech formula that retouches the skin instantly thanks to its texture. Usually in gel for a film effect after drying, there are also textures that create a mesh on the surface of the skin and thus smooth it considerably and visibly while raising it. Lifting effect bluffing!

The fillers
These treatments are inspired hyaluronic acid injections, a substance that aesthetic doctors inject under the skin to fill wrinkles and thus remove the furrows ... Without sting, those fill them from the outside: the product deposited in the hollow of the wrinkle thanks to a fine tip, freezes and fills the erasing visually.

-Patches Smooth Supreme progressive anti wrinkles, box of 5 sachets of 2 hydro-gel patches (= 5 applications), Carita (55?)
-Eye Patches Antifatigue, Hayaseï on, Douglas Perfume and Beauty Monop '. (4.90?)
- Design Lift Eye Patch, 5 packs of 2 impregnated compresses, Payot, (43?)
- Care sparkle of triple gaze look, Innoxa drops blue (15.30?)
- Dark Circles Away from Dr. Brandt, (55?)
- Roll on Q10 Plus eyes, Nivea, (10?)
- Triple roller IcyMagic 3D, Polaar, exclusively at Marionnaud (19,90?)
- Eyliplex-2TM Eye Tightener + Ring Reducer, GoodSkin Labs, (39,50?) Excluded at Marionnaud
- Aroma Solutions - Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum Hydrotenseur, Decléor, (33,40?)
- Wrinkle filler pen Expert Rides 3D, Diadermine 10 ml (13.50?)
- Lift Lift System Fountain Pen, Esthederm, 15ml, (59?)
- Eye Wrinkle Filling Treatment, Hyaluron Filler, Eucerin, 15ml (22,90?)


Excellence Eye Contour Treatment (December 2023)