October 5, 2022

Eye contour: the right gestures

- Remove makeup
It is the night that the skin is renewed and it is essential to free it from all the impurities that have covered it as the day progresses: pollution, dust, sebum, smoke particles of tobacco ... and makeup! Warning ! cleanse gently, without rubbing, but leaving the product in contact with the eyes for a few seconds the time to act before removing it with a cotton in a smooth smoothing gesture. Rinse with lotion or micellar water to remove any leftover product to completely clear the skin and prepare it for night care.

- Protect yourself from the sun
Wearing sunglasses is essential when the weather is nice to avoid twitches due to the sun, and care a day care with a UV filter is important, even in the city, to avoid exposing the eye area to free radicals developed in response to rays and accelerate skin aging.

- To care in institute
Adapted to your skin, they have visible action immediately and in the long term, especially if they are targeted around the eyes. They combine relaxing styling with concentrated care that offers a fresh and relaxed look at the exit, like at Guinot.

- Prevent rather than cure
A wrinkle takes years to form and before being visible. When it appears, it's the end of the process and it's already too late. On the other hand, preventive measures will have a real impact on the slowing down of their training: hydrate, protect, sleep well, drink water and all the usual hygiene tips (avoid coffee, booze, tobacco ...).

-Well choose your care
The pollution is very harmful, it is therefore necessary to hydrate but also have care barrier type "anti pollution" with UV screen. Beware of too rich creams if you are prone to pockets, which is why it is better to have a specific eyux contour, fine texture, rather than spread a day cream also on the eyes if it is curing: it will be unsuitable for the area of ​​the eye contour!

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