June 23, 2024

Eye-contour tips: at 30 years old, you cash in without flinching

Experience, wisdom, maturity, call it what you want, but from the age of 30, expression lines start to dress your face. A sexy pageantry for some, heavier to wear for others.

For these fine lines, there is only one way to fight them: hydration. Do not hesitate to massage the eye contour with sweet almond oil every night before going to bed. You can also use a product suitable for the first wrinkles of the eye area. Vitamin A is undoubtedly the flagship molecule. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause drying of the conjunctiva of the eye and swelling of the eyelids. To avoid this, munch foods rich in vitamins A (tomatoes, peppers, spinach, carrots, apricots, egg yolk ...) or dietary supplements.

Anti dark circles, anti wrinkles: the fight against time and the hygiene of life

The pockets are more and more visible and durable from 30 years, sometimes consist of small piles of fat, sometimes water, sometimes both. Main responsible for their training, besides the genetic factor, tobacco, too many hot drinks before going to bed, a room overheated to sleep, a eye contour too fat, too salty food, etc. The miracle product does not exist, but a good hydration, a good diet, a good liter and a half of water a day, little alcohol or cigarettes should help to make them less present.

Side swellings, they are again the result of poor microcirculation or a small amount of fat accumulated in the same place or the result of a significant water retention, often morning, disappearing during the day. Wrapped in a cloth, in a bag or in a clean washcloth, the ice cubes are very effective to decongest and activate the circulation of the eye contour. Apply the ice cubes 10 minutes below the eyes, the result is magic. Or, adopt a special "anti-pockets" treatment. Whatever the case may be, pollution, dust, partial makeup removal are all additional causes for the formation of puffiness or swelling, the only durable solution: live a healthy life!

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