October 4, 2023

Eye makeup: the banana pattern

Step 1 : You have already applied a light shade on the eyelid and the arch during the day. Enhance the hue by extending well beyond the eyebrow.
2nd step : With a small cat-tongue brush, tap vertically on a darker three-tone shade. For example, if you have a beige make-up base, go for a warmer shade such as bronze. Blow on the brush to remove the surplus.
Step 3: Tilt your head slightly backwards and with your eyes wide open, slide the brush along the occipital fossa (the hollow under the arch) with a quick gesture. The gesture is precise: it should not be placed on the eyelid or on the arch. The delimitation must be clear. For the first time, take your precautions by placing either tissues under the eyes or by spreading white loose powder that will capture all the excess makeup.
Step 4: Spread the darker color on the outer corner of the eye with a beveled brush to form a point. Otherwise the finger will also do the trick. To better appreciate the feline result, pull the line as you wish.
Step 5 : For even more intensity you can also choose to apply the warm shade under the lower eyelid always with the beveled brush. The ideal of course would be to have the pencil that matches the color. If so, bring a light smoky halo by drawing under the eyelid and not inside the eye. With a foam brush, you will spread the plot. Be careful not to overflow, the effect quickly goes missing!
most : We choose a mascara in the same tones as the line. Forget the black, and do not hesitate to use brown, purple, green and better turquoise!
Result: a sophisticated tan in no time for a look that wins in depth. You can use this technique on day makeup with more pastel shades.

Banana Makeup Look Tutorial (October 2023)