October 5, 2022

Facial gymnastics, the fashionable anti-wrinkle method

This year, creams anti wrinkle and surgery are replaced by the "facial gymnasticsThis new fashionable method is born through books and accessories from facial gymnastics. The upcoming release of Nintendo's "Face Training" game, based on the "yoga of the face"should make it a fashion phenomenon.

The facial gymnastics, it's about thirty muscles in the face who are stimulated to redraw the vote face. The apparatus of facial gymnastics was discovered in the United States by Catherine Deltour who brought it back to Europe. The facial gymnastics allows to muscle his face from the bottom of the eyes to the bottom of the neck, or even to the décolleté.

The Facial Flex, a small device of "facial fitness", is available since 2006 in France. His promises are to fight against the relaxation of face thanks to two minutes of daily exercise.

"The principle of this small device is the same as that of body fitness.As any gym, it allows to perform repetitive exercises to work the muscles explains Catherine Deltour.It continues:" it is a device 100% natural, it is enough to place it horizontally between the corners of the lips, but it allows many women to fight against aging ".
This little gem is available in pharmacies and some perfume shops, priced at 59 euros.

Several books also exist on the theme of facial gymnastics. These exercises propose different ways to improve the oval of the face, reduce the jowls, fight the double chin, remove the lion's wrinkle and stimulate blood circulation.

For video game enthusiasts, Nintendo releases this year a game, Face training (Nintendo DS), which promises "a face radiating through the stretching of expression muscles ".
It is based on the method of "facening", set up by an expert of Japanese beauty, Ms. Fumiko Inudo. After a "test balance" of the muscular structure of the player, a program of regular exercises is offered. Its progress is recorded, and the user can follow "in pictures" the evolution of his face.

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Books on facial gymnastics:

The Facial Gymnastics, by Catherine Pez, published by Man, 19.95 euros
Purpose of the book: simple exercises to tone your skin and improve your complexion.
It is illustrated with anatomy photos and drawings, and accompanied by a DVD.

Facial Gym, by Zoé Kertesz, edited by Guy Tredaniel, 16 euros
Purpose of the book: exercises to act on his bags under the eyes, vertical wrinkles of the mouth, jowls, double chin or crow's feet.

50 exercises for the face, from Marie-Pierre Hill-Sylvestre, at Flammarion, 14,90
Purpose of the book: exercises to relax the face and tone it up.

Anti Ageing Face Yoga (October 2022)