April 20, 2024

Facial: moisturize your skin

The skin the face is thin and delicate. Cold, heat and pollution are all aggression that make it age, tarnish it, and make it rough. Focus on methods for hydrate the face and protect her skin All day long !
To prepare the skin for care, you must first use an exfoliating cream. This one allows you to do skin new by eliminating dead cells and giving your skin a healthy and smooth appearance. For maximum effectiveness, let the cream work for about 10 minutes. Then, it is easier to apply a care for hydrate the face.

Then apply, morning and evening, a cream to moisturize the face Vitamin A, E and C. By forming a hydrolipidic film on the surface of the epidermis, its texture will also retain moisture. More oily skin can opt for a mattifying treatment to reduce the shine of the skin. skin.

Moisturize the face does not prevent adopting more targeted care. It is recommended tohydrate his lips in the morning with a proper care, then to renew the operation throughout the day with a lipstick. You can also apply an anti-aging cream on fragile areas such as the contours of the eyes.
Our advice
Avoid creams containing artificial fragrances or dyes as they irritate the skin. Instead, choose a herbal natural care cream for hydrate the face without attacking it.

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