August 14, 2022

Facial waxing: the down of the upper lip

Tired of your down a little too brown above the upper lip? It's time to attack and get rid of those unsightly hair, which is like a little mustache. Of course, there is no question of shaving this area, under penalty of ending up with a real mustache. So we give up the razor for all that concerns the hair removal of the face, from the down of the upper lips to the eyebrows.
For fine and light hair
Before moving on to the radical part of hair removal, you can also think about bleaching your down. This practice is only for those who really have a very light brown down and only a few hairs to the right and left of the lip to attenuate. Indeed, for those who have a more pronounced down and longer hairs, discoloration is often not the best solution, because it only highlights the presence of hair. It sometimes gives the hair a red to blonde color that is also very showy. Discoloration should therefore remain a solution only for very light duvets.
For thick and dark hairs

With wax
For those with thicker down and browner, waxing remains the best tactic to get rid of these unsightly hair. The leading brands of hair removal, Nair and Veet, for example, offer cold wax strips for these sensitive areas of the face. Be careful not to pass the strips of wax too many times, you could irritate this fragile area of ​​the face that tends to wrinkle faster than the rest.
It is important not to irritate this area too much and once the hair removal is done, to soothe and moisturize so that the skin is not too traumatized.
A tip, before you start alone in your bathroom, the best is always to go see a beautician. She will advise you and show you the gestures adapted to your hair.
With wax, cold or hot, you will be quiet for 3 weeks and your hair will tend to regrow thinner and fewer. Your down will be attenuated in a few months.
To the tweezers
It is possible to epilate the down with tweezers, but this practice is longer, tedious and requires much more dexterity. Indeed, we must be sure to pull the hair with its bulb and not break it. Moreover, we must be careful to harmonize both sides of the down. Better to do little by little on each side, rather than one side then the other. The goal is to keep a natural look, so you have to go gradually.
Permanent hair removal
For all those who want to get rid once and for all of this down, it remains the solution of permanent hair removal. There are several techniques to eradicate these hairs. Laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal. Both techniques must be practiced by specialists, be they dermatologists or beauticians graduates. The modes of a session are quite similar, except that the laser attacks the hair follicle, while the pulsed light attacks the hair melanin.
There are different ways to get rid of these hairs, whether you have fine hair or thicker hair. It's up to you to see your favorite solution, according to your current budget.

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