August 15, 2022

Fall 2010 make-up trend: Make up for ever, O reds!

Glamor and glitter are at the rendezvous of new products Make up for ever The professional brand has released a collection in partnership with the famous Parisian cabaret Le Moulin Rouge. So daring for these fall novelties, but also a lot of charm and sensuality.

We love it lipstick Red Artist. Danny Sanz, creator of Make up forever, says, about this lipstick, having "wanted to return to the real red, the intense red that holds a long time". Its chic black metallic packaging makes it a sexy object to get out of your handbag for any occasion. Rich in pigment, the red deposits on your lips an intense color, long lasting and hydrates the lips. We love this shine, this sustained color that we can not miss your lips, even from afar. A charm for all those who rely on intense red lips.

We like the Aqua Lip pencil. Lip pencil, this new pencil of the brand goes with the red Artist. Long lasting, resistant to water and friction, this pencil is an ideal ally for perfect lips.

We like them fake eyelashes red Mill. Specialist of chic and glamorous false eyelashes, Make up for ever comes out false eyelashes inspired by the dancers of the red mill. Bordered with a glittery red border, these fake eyelashes give you a great night's look. Ideal for parties and for the end of year celebrations.

Diva shares some of her favorite red lip shades! (August 2022)