August 4, 2020

Fall in beauty: institute care - Advice from an institute director

What skin problems are most common when returning from vacation?
Generally, it is dehydration to the extreme. We see skins that have not been well protected and have become dehydrated. The appearance of the skin is rough, dull, rough.
The test to have the heart net is to put his index finger on the cheek and then push the skin slightly upwards; if streaks appear it is that your skin lacks hydration.
We also see skins that have problems with pigment spots. They are due to insufficient protection against UV rays. But this phenomenon remains a minority.
The main problem we face at the institute is dehydration of the skin.
What care do you recommend for dehydrated skin?
A rehydrating treatment that will reload the skin with water and look good. The idea is to quickly find a good skin tone. In Yves Rocher, I recommend "hydra vegetable care" that lasts 45 minutes.
And the phenomenon of "small buttons of the return", you are confronted there?
Yes, these are usually skins that have been exposed to the sun.
When the skin takes the sun, our immune system is very intelligent thickens the skin to protect it from aggression. Suddenly, all the toxins that are under the skin remain ... And when back, when the skin regains its normal thickness, which did not "germinate" during the summer comes back in force at the start! That's why we talk about "rebound effect".
This phenomenon primarily affects people who already have skin with imperfections, such as oily skin.
How to fight against these little pimples?
In fact, we must accept this phase because the skin must be released from these toxins that have been locked up for a long time ...
At the same time, it is of course not necessary that the phenomenon settles!
To stop it, it is necessary to make scrubs and a purifying care in institute to rebalance the skin, between one and two times a month according to the importance of the buttons. We must also apply a day cream for skin with imperfections like that of our "sebo specific" range. These are products that will both moisturize and matify the skin.
I advise people who suffer from these "back pits" to do a drainage before going on vacation. It is necessary to take cocktails of plants, based on dandelion or rosemary for example, which will help eliminate these toxins by the eliminatory organs of the body. Story that it is not the skin that takes everything in the fall!
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