September 25, 2021

False friends of thinness: flush out hidden grease

From breakfast, the fat is at the rendezvous. Some are visible as butter spread on bread, others are hidden in refined products such as cereals, biscuits, spreads or bread. To eat healthier and limit calories, nothing replaces the traditional baguette with a hint of jam.
Be careful, it's not about removing all the fat from your diet, your body needs it to function, but just to reduce it.

At noon, I eat healthy!

At noon too, distrust is required, especially if you do not eat at home. If you are having lunch at the restaurant, ask for the sauce to be served separately. Prefer a 5% fat ground beef steak, a slice of roast beef or a steak that is leaner than a rib steak. Also prefer turkey or chicken. But what about oily fish like salmon and mackerel? They contain omega-3 and unsaturated fatty acids needed for the body.
If you have to go through the sandwich shop, avoid all the cravings, quiches, pizzas and other bechamel croque-monsieur that are often very high in fat and not heavy enough to hold until the evening meal. With them, craving at 16 hours ensured.
In the evening, be extra vigilant about frozen soups and frozen vegetable fries that contain a lot of fat. Finally, limit your consumption of desserts especially pastries, which are catastrophic for the line.

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