August 15, 2022

False friends of thinness: pay attention to the light

Choose your yogurt

Hum, low-fat yoghurt with vanilla: that happiness in pot and without the calories ... Well that's what you believe because in reality the calories are present but in another form.
When you buy a lighter product, it can be in sugars but also in fats. In the latter case, the manufacturer adds starch to replace the butter or oil. In the end, we ingest the same number of calories but with a lower quality than a real natural yoghurt. As for the 0% yogurt "rich in fruits", they are not better. If they are lighter in fat, they are much sweeter.

The sodas light in questions

Attention also to light drinks. Certainly, they give good conscience but swallowing this type of soda, the body retains only the sweet taste. As a result, it produces more insulin that promotes fat storage and increases appetite. As a result, it is easier to eat peanuts or black olives without paying attention to the caloric bomb that represents.

Be wary of labels

Also beware of packaging with the words "light" or "light". These are not regulated. In other words, these are just commercial arguments. Be careful also to the name "no sugar". If it means that the product does not contain sucrose, the known powdered sugar, it may contain other types of carbohydrates. The only solution to make the right choice: compare labels. It takes time but to keep the line, we are ready to make some efforts, right?

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