August 14, 2022

False fur, real pace

For a celebrity or celebrity look without sacrificing your savings, adopt the fake fur : jackets, pelisses, toques ...
Imitation wolf, leopard, fox, rabbit ... the fake fur offers real benefits. If it remains '' a bit '' rougher than the real one, the fake fur is not much less hot. And it is so cheaper, while allowing our animal friends to keep for themselves their pelisse.

By its generous thickness, the fake fur must have a cut that benefits so as not to enlarge the silhouette. The little jackets in fake fur are often tightened by an elastic band that highlights the wasp sizes. If you dream of a cozy coat, make sure it flatters your line.

In small touches, the fake fur gives an elegant style to the most strict clothes. It often adorns collars, wrists of coats or sweaters, and why not the bottom of a dress or the ends of a scarf.
The most skilled of you may know how to add a detail of fake fur to rejuvenate the coat of the three previous seasons.

Our advice
Do not limit to clothes your desires to fake fur : bags, boots, bracelets, toques, scarves and sleeves can also claim a little heat!

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