May 28, 2024

Family: a festival for all children from 1 to 12 years old

Children's Day dedicated to the environment

Throughout France, small but also the largest can indeed frolic in the gardens, hide in the wheat fields, build cabins, disguise themselves in princess wearing a crown of daisies and knight armed with a wooden sword, chasing butterflies or picking blueberries and poppies.

Paris will be partying

The Garden of Acclimatization will be a huge playground where your little blond heads can laugh, marvel, discover and learn. For two days, this first edition will bring together the curious, the adventurers, the dreamers ... around exceptional moments in the middle of nature. Festivities, shows and workshops will also take place in 34 other French cities.

A first edition full of surprises and appointments

Children and nature lovers will be able to watch shows, plays, puppets, fairy tales, treasure hunts, clowns and meet crazy scientists.

This unprecedented event in France around nature is primarily intended to contribute to environmental education. His philosophy? Present nature from the angle of humor and wonder to give children the desire to love their environment and above all to respect it.

To find out more about the participating cities and to know the detailed program, click here

To your diaries

Do not miss the Festival of Nature to be held from May 18 to 22, 2011. For five days, nature lovers, professionals and volunteers will make you discover the nature that abounds in wealth. Young and old can go on a stroll all over France and explore secret corners. The founding values ​​of this event are knowledge, respect and protection of nature.

Arts for Life Children's Festival (May 2024)