April 17, 2024

Family holidays: the essential 5 not to forget for the summer

Identity papers
We think of the booklet family and identity cards, if you do not leave the European Union. For EU trips, large and small, must have a passport. For the passport, if the children have not yet, we think to do it in advance because it will take at least three weeks before obtaining.

More or less things are planned depending on the age of thechild. For the children at a young age, we think of baby bottles, diapers or pot. We learn as much as possible about the equipment in the reception area to assess what we need or not to bring: plastic bath, folding bed or basket, which can be used as bed up to six baby month.

Health notebooks
It is imperative that health records be taken if necessary to consult a doctor or to be hospitalized during the vacation. We also note in a small notebook the details of our various insurance.

Pharma kits
We opt for two kits, one that will remain in the home of vacation and the other to take on each excursion. The essentials to take are sunscreen, disinfectant, dressings, thermometer and physiological saline.

Soft toys and lollipops!
And so that children feel as good vacation that at home, we do not forget everything that will remind them of their usual little universe, namely cuddly toys and sucks. One can possibly take several in case one would be lost.

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