November 30, 2021

Family mediation: good or bad idea?

Family mediation is meant to intervene before any conflict degenerates. It should therefore be used quickly after separation. It does not intervene that to establish parental authority, the use of mediation is also possible in case of inheritance problems, intergenerational ... in summary any situation of family breakdown.

The course of a mediation

It should be noted that the duration of the mediation varies depending on the case. Some families solve their problems in one sitting, others will need more to find common ground. The mediator is a qualified person, a state graduate. Neutral and objective, he does not judge but advises and helps to find common ground. It is of course bound by professional secrecy, nothing that will be said in session will leave the room. Go there with confidence!

The sessions will be moments of exchanges during which each party will present their wishes. If everyone agrees, everything will be formalized. In case of disagreement, the mediator's role will be to help the parties reach an agreement that suits them.

Mediation and childcare

If you go there to settle "details" of your separation concerning the custody of your children, everything can be approached and defined: the exercise of the parental authority, the residence of the children, the right of visit and lodging, school choices, alimony. This initiative will allow everyone to get off to a good start and to live better the separation.

Take your child to mediation

If your child is old enough to understand what is happening and to express his desires, he can indeed attend the mediation. However, it is recommended to have it involved at the end of the process, when most points have been settled. He should not find himself at the center of a series of disagreements between his two parents and therefore taken to task to make a decision for them.

The cost

The rate of a mediation will be applicable per person, and calculated on the income of each one. Legal aid will also be awarded on the basis of these criteria.

If mediation fails

If it turns out that even after several mediation sessions, the two parties can not come to an agreement, they will have to go to the next level and take the case to the family court. The procedure will be more complex and it is the magistrate who will decide for the different parties. Both spouses will have to respect his decision. For more information on mediation, click here

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