June 9, 2023

Family, when you exhaust me ...

No, the world of children is not all rosy and we must never forget that they are not armed, unlike adults, to analyze situations that affect them with hindsight. A bad atmosphere at home, explosive or latent conflicts that weigh on the general atmosphere are sources of anxiety for them. So, even if it is impossible to preserve them from everything, even if we can think that the difficulties of life are formative, let us not forget that they are in full development and that they must be able to to build on solid foundations, the most serene possible. The best solution, in case of tensions that are difficult to solve, is to always dialogue with thechild, to listen to what he has to say to us and to consult a child psychiatrist with him ... Who will not solve our worries with a magic wand but will take into account the malaise of thechild... a big step, already, towards his well-being.

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