May 13, 2021

Fantasy: make love to many

Making love to others is a practice that has existed since time immemorial. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans devoted themselves to sex; the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, quoted punished for their lust is here also to remind us ...
In a couple, everyone has their fantasies, that he feeds through readings, images, even movies or just with his imagination: this is part of the sexuality human. These fantasies can evoke scenes and erotic games and can occur before or during love, contributing to the excitement and the rise of desire.
The fantasies are of the order of the intimate. You may share them with your best friend, but not necessarily with your partner.

The fantasy is magic:
whatever your fantasy, make love with several men or women, make love and be surprised in public ... everything goes well, because your imagination is here at the service of your sexuality.

Is it normal to have many fantasies of love?
Yes, three times yes, if it allows you to blossom sexually.

Should we realize fantasies ?
Here is everyone's business. Often the reality is less idyllic than what you imagine in your fantasiesit is important that you are aware of it. Your imagination is at the service of your sexuality, offering you partners according to your tastes. And in general, you imagine your mate with partners who serve your own fantasies. You might be surprised to know some of his fantasies to many, and realize that your respective selection criteria for multiple partners are very different.
If however, you really want to try to put one of your fantasies in practice, it is necessary to act with delicacy, respecting desires on the other for a sexuality of happy couple.

Before you go through this step,
do you wonder about the deep reasons that make you want to make love to many: is it to satisfy your own desire or that of your partner? Some men exert such pressure on their partner that she ends up giving in to their desires, for fear of losing it, or just to satisfy his pleasure to him.

In general, when a couple decides to make love to several
a third person is added to the duo. Often, it is a matter of putting the pepper in the relationship and, in most cases, it is the man who chooses the sex of the person and opts instead for a woman. Men generally do not want to see their wife in the arms of another man than they during their antics (swinging) and remain possessive ...

Nothing forces you to satiate your fantasy
it can remain indeterminate at this stage. In general, when a person is ready to cross this course and satisfy his impulses, she talks about it either to her best friend first, or to her sexual partner.
If you are experiencing desire to make love to many, no need to feel guilty: a psychologist will reassure you by saying that there is no bad fantasies.

The danger when a person sustains a fantasy is that he calls another
... Have a discussion with your partner before you start. Maybe this one will not agree to be the "party" and in this case think about the deep reasons that led you to the "multiple" sex.
Our advice
For this experience to be successful, it is important for both partners to agree and share this common desire, which remains a basic rule for sexuality of happy couple.