October 5, 2022

Fashion advice: how to wear color jeans?

However, we had sworn not to wear fluo since the late 80s it was not counting the colorblock trend and new collections that make us foothold since the beginning of spring.
Fushia, orange, royal blue or yellow chick, the colors are available on our jeans and give Peps to our legs!
Original but not always easy to wear, the colorful jeans is the piece of our dressing room of the summer, so how to adopt it without looking like a life-size stabilo?
Do you still think that fluo pants and round thighs do not mix? Dare to shake the codes of the morpho and put away your eternal raw jeans!
Worn with a blouse or a loose T-shirt, all structured by a fitted jacket, the colored jeans will bring the pop touch to your look!
For the shape we chose the right or the slim one rolls up slightly above the ankles,
if you are big dare the flare jeans that will redraw your figure.
We dare:
If the total colorful look does not scare you, try new blends that match like fushia and coral or orange and royal blue to maximize the "block" effect, not to mention the detail that kills: the belt fine matching the pants.
For those who prefer to play it more discreet, gray, white and camel are the best allies of colored jeans.
To proscribe definitively:
Beware of the reasons that may cause you to be fired "Clown" very quickly! The color will be "block" or will not be!
To avoid also, the associations a priori tempting but which give a doubtful result like the yellow and the white, too "egg to the shell", or the pink and the black, too "punk".
Do not worry too much about jewelry, too much hardware can easily make you look like a Christmas tree.
If one prefers to remain wise when choosing the top, for the shoes one gives free rein to his imagination. Derbies, sneakers, heels or ballet flats, colorful or sober all with a bag carried over the shoulder, you choose how to best carry the ColorBlock trend.
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