June 13, 2024

Fashion advice: how to wear houndstooth print?

There are trends that come back periodically and never really go out of style. The hound's foot is one of them. With its neo-bourgeois BCBG side but not so wise, the houndstooth print is an eye for all the faithful of Mad Men and the followers of the neo retro way Dita Von Teese.

But if we project ourselves easily into the executive dress of Salvatore Ferragamo or the wash shirt Gucci, think twice before going crazy for a houndstooth jacket (like Claudia Schiffer) or an accessory (like Evan Rachel Wood). Here is a little manual to learn how to wear the skid:

- the houndstooth jacket of Claudia Schiffer : I wear it with black pants, an open blouse and a little transparent. If you do not want to take 30 years in one go, run away from the pearl necklace urgently!

- A houndstooth accessory: yes to shoes like Evan Rachel Wood or the little bag pouch ... but no XXL tote that will lighten the silhouette.

- And for fashion lovers 50's like Dita Von Teese ? Opt for the houndstooth dress, to wear with satin tights and sharp black getaways.

How To Wear Houndstooth, Dogtooth and Pepita In Menswear (June 2024)