April 17, 2024

Fashion advice: how to wear the pointed shoe?

Star of the last parade Louis Vuitton, but also the centerpiece of Christian shoes Louboutin, the pointy shoe is needed this summer as an indispensable fashion, next to pastel and mini bag. And if you have already cracked on one of these dear objects of desire, remains THE question: how to wear it? GirlsFromMainStreet.com has 3 options.

Option N ° 1 to feminize a suit or a casual look
As Alexa Chung you can wear your pointy shoes with a feminine, feminine houndstooth, so as to bring a dose of glamor and femininity to a rather strict set. Another variant of the association escrpin + pants, with a slim jeans, to lengthen the leg and give a couture look to a more casual than chic.

Option N ° 2: the colored pump to twister a sober but dull look
As Gwyneth Paltrow, you can wear your blue lagoon pumps with a strict outfit: raw jeans and white blazer for example.

Option # 3: with a little black dress
Timeless and already classic the traditonnel little black dress + patent pumps ... in this case the pump acts as a catalyst to give chic to the silhouette. Sign of the times, Kate Moss do not leave his Pigalle, with a slim jeans or a couture evening dress.

Our advice
If you put on the 42 little girl, avoid the pointed shoe, especially if her heel is 4-5 cm, indeed this form of pump tends to lengthen the foot and make it look bigger than it is.

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