December 10, 2019

Fashion advice: how to wear walleye during the day?

Golden and not lame
Before starting anything, it would be necessary to specify that the walleye is a color unlike lamé, which is a matter more or less metallized, that many confuse. The lamé can be silver, black and ... golden.

Which golden pick and which piece?
Several types of walleye exist. There is the golden atmosphere Saturday Night Fever -vive glitter galore that requires some control of color, because the misstep is very risky. There is the golden patina, which goes much better and is more discreet. And there is the gilding close to the bronze color, which, he, marries with almost everything. The most obvious piece to match when wearing this sparkling blond is, you can imagine, the handbag. It energizes a faded outfit and gives the appearance of an elegant first lady. Then all that is accessory style; bracelets, earrings, rings ... are just as easy to marry with a day outfit.
The shoes can play the card "I wear gold during the day" without being bling-bling, as long as it's the centerpiece of your golden look. As for the golden leggings (or trousers or skirt), a little more daring but perfectly mastered if it is (again) the only golden part of your look.
The tarred walleye
For those who are not used to wear, the gold can be ultra chic as it can also be very vulgar. Once past the first apprehensions, let yourself be tempted by a few small parts, get used to this new color. For example, a pair of pumps paired with a total black look gives elegance to blow on your look. Or replace - or combine - the shoes with a golden minaudière.
Mistakes that can turn into disaster
During the distribution of the perfect body, Kate Moss (yes, still she) took everything, sometimes leaving us some defects -trop of hips, small size ... However, we will not ruin life so much and if try the golden at 9:30 in the morning we sing, either. However, it is not because winter is synonymous with dull and bland, that some must feel obliged to shine a thousand lights and compete with Beyonce from 10am. So the idea -saugrenue- to want to wear the walleye in total look is to be forgotten at the end of reading this sentence.
And as if there was not enough injustice like that, the thinnest will always be favored when they wear gold, those with a little more forms will be less. As for those who have the skin naturally hauled, this color will bring out their complexion that they all want.
The golden sequined jacket, is simply to avoid during the day, or so, do you expect reflections like "you go boxed earlier? "
The health parenthesis
Did you know that gold - metal - has soothing properties on the body? In fact, according to a study conducted by the Chinese, gold-small amount of energetic-could soothe the most nervous (and nervous). It is also said that gold stimulates the cellular activity and facilitates the blood circulation, but there, one would not put the hand in the fire ...

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