June 23, 2021

Fashion Blog: Soisbelleetsoistoi, a funny blogger!

When did you have the idea to make a blog? And how did you come to the idea?

It was June 16, 2009, I was playing La Marelle and I thought, "Hey, what if I created a blog to take my readers to seventh heaven? You do not see it there, but I'm laughing loudly. No, in fact, I had the immense joy of working in a major regional newspaper for a year as a journalist. But lady financial crisis requires, the new ones were thanked to the chagrin of my regulars who saw leaving a sword that made them dream a little. So, I told myself that we had to do something to remedy this and especially because I could not do without it. So I decided to create the great blog "Be Beautiful and Be You! "Dedicated to happiness and especially to everything related to fashion, although a few extras come slip from time to time.

Why a blog about fashion?
Do you see my tendons, (I love to call my readers "my tendons"), I am an indecrottable amateur of beautiful rags. When I was younger, I wanted to go to ESMOD, a great design school located in Paris. However, I did not have parents movie stars or millionaires, so I dropped the idea to study the thing through the National School of Fine Arts. I love fashion, what!

How many papers do you write per week?
Seven, one per day! Yes, we must follow the pace, but on SBST (Be Beautiful and Be You!), We love not only come for the news of the day but also for the humor of the prose that embellishes the topics.

Do you have a lot of feedback from your readers? Which ?

Yesiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! And readers! I have my little regulars and blogopotes passing by who go there once and come back to see if they still like it. As a result, it creates links and a mega sphere bloguesque is formed mixing all genres (cooking, poetry, photos, thoughts, beauty, animals, art and creation ...). In fact, they ask for more and tell me that I am for them a ray of sunshine that enchants their day. Well, I can tell you that it touches me when they tell me that through their comments.

Have you been pampered?
You will think that I am snobbish but nay, I love the beautiful clothes. Save the Queen, Karen Millen, Vivienne Westwood ... But I also dress at La Redoute or the 3 Swiss. I like Topshop a lot, and we talk a lot about blogs. For shoes, I go direct to Sarenza.com. I just love it !

What would be your ideal fashion site?
Would it mean? ... Does this mean that this site does not exist? Is. I love the site "Save the Queen", it would be a mix of great artistic creativity and interactivity to bring creators to their fans.

Can you tell us what role do you want to play in the GirlsFromMainStreet.com community?

It's so kindly asked ... Well entrust me with a task that would allow me to speak in a cheerful fashion news to fans of the site and elsewhere and I will be happy! Why? Because I love to share my passion, that? S all!

"It was Katia live from SBST News! "

Find the good mood of Katia on her blog: www.soisbelleetsoistoi.com

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