August 2, 2021

Fashion chronicle: the return of the panties

After the trend below the ultra-powdered luxury casseroles of the 2010 Dior fashion show, there is a trend reversal on the side of the lingerie. If the cheeky Petit Bateau has never disappeared and remains a basics for women-children to lolita seduction, the cheeky new look is here.


Why is this good news? That the one who never found herself in a delicate position when bending down, throws me the first stone. Not very comfortable, the string is also not very aesthetic. Wear it with a low-rise jeans or a 50's inspired pencil skirt, the result is the same ... In addition to being comfortable, the cheeky does not score, which gives him a step ahead of his two main opponent: the string followed closely by the tanga.


The trend pants 2011-2012 Chantal Thomass, Fifi Chachnil, Stella McCartney (who we love the week-long) were the first to spot the infatuation of women and give the small cheeky a place of choice. Followed Etam and his bar panties, evening 250 models (just that) of small panties, all colors but also Dim which offers kits of 3 different colors.


Originally was the Petit Bateau panties That we are nostalgic of our 14 years (like the size of the Marcel and the cheeky Petit Bateau) or simply allergic to lace, the cheeky Petit Bateau continues to seduce late teens. As proof, the house renews each year its collections to follow the colors in fashion.


The shorty, serious competitor to the panties IF in 2011 the cheeky throne valiantly on the altar of the lingeriewe see emerge in force the shorty. Boyish when it is cotton (At Emporio Armani Intimates), ultra feminine when it is adorned with tulle and frou-frous, the shorty could well shade our little cheeky.



Cheeky high pink Etam, 12 euros

Cheeky lemon yellow Deborah Marquit 114 euros

Cheeky Agent Provocateur, little pink bow 95 euros

Cheeky (week-end) Stella McCartney 317 euros

Eggplant brief La Perla 25 euros

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