April 1, 2020

Fashion flop of the day: Lady Gaga and her lavender look in New York

We know the taste of Lady Gaga for colorful outfits and "too much" style. Meat dress, platform shoes of 20 centimeters, exaggerated bi-material shiny dress ... Nothing stops Lady Gaga and she has proclaimed it loudly since the beginning of her career. In recent times, moreover, she seems to have redoubled her efforts to make us understand, we public, that the queen of eccentricity is it! At the same time, the singer has just released her brand new album, "ArtPop", so it makes sense that she gives herself 200% to promote it.

Thus, Monday, November 11, it is in total lavender look that the singer was seen at the exit of an office in New York. Padded satin jacket buttoned up to the collar, pencil skirt of the same material with transparent plastic finished lining, sandals with flanges and XXL heels ... Everything was purple lavender and white. A color that, combined with the satiny material of the whole, transpired bad taste. Lady Gaga is not unrelated fashion faux pas, but in this case we can not even talk about missteps ... Even the handbag is matched! And do not talk about half-broken eyeglasses. With this look of "memère" offbeat and barred with the dominant color so singular, Lady Gaga would look almost like a character created by Lewis Carroll for his "Alice in Wonderland" ...

Regarding beauty, if the singer did well to adopt a very nude make-up, we ask ourselves a few questions about her choice of hairstyle. With this sauerkraut of whitish dreadlocks, she could almost seem to have escaped from a "Marie-Antoinette" to the Sofia Coppola in its most barred version ...

Result: Sacred flop!

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