October 5, 2022

Fashion flop: Sharon Stone in the process of being reviewed

With his 20-year-old toy boys, his sexy outfits on the red carpet and his body sculpted by the sport, we often forget that Sharon Stone celebrated its fiftieth anniversary a few years ago. Because the actress is in her fifties happy, having always been able to stay young. So far. Here an ill-chosen look makes her move from the sex symbol box into activity to dadame close to retirement. A memory incomprehensible enough from the star who has always been able to choose outfits highlighting its forms.

And yet, at the Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon charity event this weekend in Los Angeles, we were a long way from her usual femme fatale look. The intention was there, Sharon Stone sporting several fall beauty trends: dark lipstick or gold look. We also love his turquoise nail polish on the toes, which proves his youthful spirit. Even the lady bag signed Versace, though strict, could have been a great idea if he had been shameless by a more casual outfit. But the actress preferred the first degree with a dadame look to go with a lady bag. Result: the fake fashion not assured.

It's all over with this old-fashioned look, the shapeless dress with fur collar, matching leather gloves and old-school hat. Result, the actress takes 10 years, and finally makes her age.

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