August 14, 2022

Fashion man: the white suits him so well ....

Spring has come, and what better to make Cheri look like to match it to your favorite season. Exit the dark colors worn all winter! This year, we put on white! The good plan is not to dress up and down with this color: you would make white cabbage. Or on rare occasions ...

The bermuda white with off-white polo for Darling, we love it! For the rest, we must make a choice ... Either the top or the bottom, at the risk of passing for a hitch white parties of St. Tropez.

If the trousers is white, so it is logical to avoid the white sweater. A white top with white shoes or cream, it's sure effect! In contrast, the trousers should be more colorful, but especially not black. White is also preferred in combination pastel shades, clear, finer.

The trick to vary the pleasures is to play on the subjects. At this stage, we have carte blanche. What's better than a white cashmere sweater? Or that trousers in linen? The white becomes then a simple support to emphasize the matter. It's spring, it rhymes with "white", so enjoy it!


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